Iconica 5000W 48V hybrid pure sine wave inverter with 4000W solar input, 80A 500V MPPT solar controller - 4Boats
Iconica 5000W 48V hybrid pure sine wave inverter with 4000W solar input, 80A 500V MPPT solar controller - 4Boats
Iconica 5000W 48V hybrid pure sine wave inverter with 4000W solar input, 80A 500V MPPT solar controller - 4Boats

Iconica 5000W 48V hybrid pure sine wave inverter with 4000W solar input, 80A 500V MPPT solar controller


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The Iconica 5000W 48V hybrid?ÿinverter intelligently combines the functions of a 5000W pure sine wave inverter,?ÿ80A MPPT solar charge controller and a 60A smart battery charger in one single unit. This model can accept input from solar panels, mains power/ generator and a battery?ÿ- either from a single or combination of input sources. In addition to its hybrid capability, this innovative inverter features advanced communication functions including inbuilt Bluetooth, along with a menu full of highly customisable settings.

This inverter features?ÿthe?ÿrare and unique?ÿability to power AC appliances without connection to a battery -?ÿdirectly from solar power.

This is the perfect solution for any off-grid application with limited or zero?ÿaccess to traditional mains power. This?ÿhybrid inverter features an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS),?ÿmaking?ÿit the ideal option?ÿfor?ÿapplications where the?ÿpower supply is unreliable, intermittent or expensive to maintain. This inverter is great for both stationary and mobile off-grid installations (e.g. remote properties, holiday homes, huts, and cabins or narrowboats, yachts etc),?ÿas well as?ÿfor customers looking to reduce their mains electricity usage and save on electricity bills.?ÿIt could also?ÿcreate the perfect back-up system?ÿin locations suffering from frequent power cuts.

Key functions:

1. 5000W 48V Pure sine wave?ÿinverter:?ÿConverts DC current into 230V AC mains electricity,?ÿto run various household appliances such as a TV, laptop, fridge, microwave, lighting etc. Able to generate 5000W of continuous power?ÿwith a strong peak power handling?ÿcapability of?ÿup to 10,000VA (to start appliances with electric motors such as?ÿpumps, a vacuum cleaner, power tools etc). This?ÿinverter is a pure sine wave type,?ÿwhich easily surpasses modified sine wave inverters in terms of efficiency and compatibility with a wider range of appliances. The inverter is able to take power from solar panels directly for its operation, even if the battery is not available.

2. Inbuilt 80A MPPT Solar charge controller with high input voltage of up to 500V DC: The high efficiency MPPT controller?ÿregulates the?ÿinput from the?ÿsolar panels to the batteries or to load, with a full range of?ÿsafety functions including protection against overcharge, overheating, reverse current etc. The?ÿcontroller operates at up to 98% efficiency to extract the maximum possible power from the solar array.

3. Enhanced 60A Smart battery charger: Designed to enable safe, efficient and fast (up to 60A) unattended charging of a?ÿbattery from a mains power source or generator, with full overcharge protection and multiple charging stages.

4. Inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity: The integrated Bluetooth function allows the inverter to be monitored remotely via the Watchpower mobile app - a free mobile app available for Android devices. After downloading the app, simply pair your mobile device with the inverter to gain access to important information such as solar/ battery/ AC voltage, charging current, battery capacity?ÿetc.

Additional intelligent features:

The Iconica 5000W 48V hybrid inverter boasts an abundance of?ÿunique features, providing enhanced functionality?ÿover?ÿstandard inverters. These include:

- Load power without a battery: This inverter is able to?ÿpower AC loads (and itself) directly from the solar input, without?ÿthe need for a?ÿbattery bank to be?ÿconnected to the inverter. By powering loads using the energy directly supplied from the solar panels, this Iconica inverter offers a uniquely independent?ÿand versatile power system, free from batteries if preferred. Removing the need for batteries also?ÿincreases the efficiency of the energy generated from the solar array by reducing the power losses?ÿthat?ÿthis transfer of energy would usually cause. However, if a battery bank is available, the inverter can power loads directly from the solar panels?ÿwhilst the charging?ÿbatteries at the same time. For example, if 4000W of solar power is flowing into the inverter, 2000W can be?ÿused?ÿto run appliances whilst the remaining 2000W?ÿwill be used?ÿfor charging the battery bank.?ÿ

- Simplified installation: The exceptionally high solar input voltage of this inverter of up to 500V DC allows the solar panels to be connected in series in one single chain. This eliminates the?ÿneed for complicated multiple string connections, blocking diodes and expensive?ÿthick cables.

- Output source priority: This intelligent feature allows the user to set output source preferences?ÿ(solar/ battery power/ mains input or a generator)?ÿfor the AC load output of the inverter. This menu includes several options for?ÿvarying conditions and scenarios, e.g. which source of energy is given priority for the AC output if solar power is insufficient/ if battery voltage is too low/ if mains is unavailable, etc.

- Battery charging priority: A?ÿwide selection of?ÿbattery charging priority options are available. For instance, the user can choose to?ÿcharge the battery?ÿusing solar power only/ using a combination of solar power and mains power/ from mains power only etc.

- A range of highly customisable settings: The parameters for this?ÿinverter can be personalised to an exceptionally specific degree via the?ÿuser-friendly interface. At the touch of a button, the user can?ÿcustomise parameters such as the AC input range, battery type, max charging current, specific high/low voltage disconnect points (and preferred charging source upon reconnection), the duration and voltage of each charging stage,?ÿauto-restart options, power saving mode, overload?ÿbypass,?ÿbattery equalization stage characteristics and so on. There?ÿare also?ÿoptions?ÿfor managing?ÿoperational features such as?ÿthe audible alarm and backlight settings.

- Illuminated removable LCD screen: Displays vital statistics which are?ÿeasily changeable by use of the up/down keys. This information includes: status and mode, input/output voltage, frequency, battery voltage, load power and percentages, charge and discharge current etc. The LCD display is removable and can be positioned up to 20m away from the inverter for remote system monitoring (requires additional basic RJ45 connection cable ƒ?? not included).?ÿ?ÿ

- Advanced communication options:?ÿIn addition to?ÿthe integrated Bluetooth feature,?ÿthis inverter is supplied with a PC connection cable and?ÿPC software CD?ÿfor convenient viewing of important system information, such as: ?ÿsolar/ battery/ AC voltage, charging current, battery capacity?ÿetc. Detailed data logs are also available to view and export to PDF/ Excel formats.?ÿThis inverter also has the potential to send data to an online user portal?ÿusing a?ÿWi-Fi connection kit, mobile app Wi-Fi kit or 3G connection kit (purchased separately). By connecting via one of these methods, the user will unlock access to exclusive features such as email / push notification / SMS status updates for the inverter, remote system monitoring from any location and much more.

- USB?ÿOn-the-Go function: The inverter is supplied with a USB drive which allows the user to facilitate upload/ download of system data.

- Generator auto-start function: If connected to a generator via dry contacts, the Iconica inverter can send a signal to automatically start the generator as soon as the battery voltage drops below a certain level.

- Auto restart function: When overload or overheating occurs, the inverter will disconnect the load appliances, and automatically reconnect once safe conditions are detected.

- BMS connectivity: The inverter features a Battery Management System (BMS) port, offering the possibility to connect to an optional BMS.

- Intelligent cooling design: The inverter uses predictive fan logic based on performance and temperature (1 or 2 fans operating at a time, with variable speeds) to prevent over-heating?ÿof the components.The fan is also?ÿdesigned to be easily removed in order to simplify maintenance of the inverter.


This hybrid inverter is suitable for 48V flooded?ÿand sealed GEL/AGM lead-acid batteries with pre-defined charging programs. A user-defined battery type with numerous customisable settings?ÿis also available for charging other lead acid batteries.

Please note that in order to enable the solar charging or direct operation of the loads from solar panels, your solar array?ÿmust meet the minimum MPPT input voltage requirement of the inverter of 120V (several solar panels connected in series).?ÿ

If you are unsure whether 5000W is enough for your appliances,?ÿplease refer to the following table: Table of typical power consumption of domestic appliances.

Click on the Details and Specifications tab for more information.

Inverter specifications:

  • Nominal battery voltage: 48V
  • Continuous power output: 5000W/5000VA (220-240V AC)
  • Surge power: 10000VA
  • Output frequency: 50Hz
  • Output waveform: Pure sine wave
  • Maximum solar input power: 4000W
  • Maximum open circuit solar input voltage: 500V (open circuit)
  • MPPT solar operating voltage: 120V - 450V
  • Maximum solar charging current: 80A
  • Maximum mains AC charging current: 60A
  • Maximum combined charging current: 80A
  • Peak efficiency: 93%
  • Solar / AC charger max efficiency: 98%
  • Operating temperature: -10?øC to 50?øC
  • Supplied with USB drive, PC connection cable and PC software CD
  • Size: 44 x?ÿ30 x 11.5 cm
  • Weight:?ÿ10 kg

This product is covered by a?ÿ1 year manufacturer warranty.?ÿ

Please note: Due to the low noise emitted by the cooling fan(s), this inverter may not be suitable for installation in locations which require absolute silence ƒ?? e.g. bedrooms at night.

This product comes with a detailed user manual which explains wiring and operations (see Documents tab).

If you need help with installation or have any technical questions we can provide FREE?ÿsupport - please contact us by email or phone.

The following documents are?ÿavailable to download:

User manual for?ÿIC3-BM5000-48 hybrid?ÿpower inverter

User manual for 'WatchPower' PC software for Iconica IC3-BM5000-48

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