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Lalizas Compact Marine Manual Toilet


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Lalizas Compact Marine Manual Toilet.                    

The LT-0 toilet is especially designed for long term use. 

They are available in two sizes compact LT-0 and regular LT-1. 

Both can be installed above or below the waterline. 

If they are installed below the waterline, it is necessary to use an anti-siphon loop to prevent water inflow into the interior.  Furthermore, these toilets can be installed with the pump either at the right or the left side of the porcelain bowl. 

The valves have been designed for a longer and more reliable service life. 

The drain plug has been designed with a quick fit locking mechanism for easier and more effective drainage of the toilets. 

All the parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials.


  • Seat Depth:  420mm
  • Overall Width:  450mm
  • Height:  340mm

Below the waterline direct overboard discharge 
When the toilet is to be installed below the waterline (including the waterline when the boat is heeled) the use of suitable anti-siphon loops, on both seawater intake hose (19mm - 3/4") and on discharge hose (38mm - 1 1/2") is required.  this will prevent water from being siphoned back into the boat after the use of the toilet.

  • A.  Intake hose anti-siphon loop 
  • B.  Discharge hose anti-siphon loop
  • C.  Height above the waterline (at all angles of heel) at least 25cm
  • D.  Seacocks for intake and discharge hose

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